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Check out my Events page to find me at an arts/crafts show or call for an appointment to visit me in my studio in Mariposa, CA.

My discovery and subsequent love of ceramics began at an adult school class in Carmel, California, when I was 18 years old.  My entire exposure and education occurred while attending evening classes through local community colleges and later through workshops. I have been taught and mentored by some of the most amazing potters whose work and lives have been inspirational to my own journey.  While the internet has undeniable benefit with access to myriad tutorials, I will always prefer the interactions I have with real, live potters who have become an essential part of my life.  I have been attending classes weekly at Merced Community College for more than 25 years for that very reason.  Working with, and being inspired by my “friends in clay” keeps my work fresh, and my relationships deep.

I also have a deep regard and interest in art education.  My career has been in early childhood education, which helped to prepare and inspire me for an invitation to teach classes, with a friend, to children through Mariposa County Arts Council.  What better way to carry on the passion for pottery than to teach it and inspire our children through the making of art.

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